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Actual Results

I know a lot of people value proof over words and promises on a page, so I wanted to share some actual proof that this strategy works. Below are two files from Google Analytics.
The first is a snap shot taken when they first became clients, and the second is a snapshot of where they are now (07/18/2012). The results are incredible.

This strategy helped me grow their traffic from just under 600 unique visitors and 2,700 page views, to more than double that with almost 1,600 unique visitors and more than 5,300 pageviews!

UPDATE (June 2013): The client below is now receiving almost 2,897 UNIQUE visitors a month and more than 7,510 pageviews! See the June 21st (2013) update.

[ Then | July (2012) | August14th (2012) | March 4th (2013) ]
[ June 21st (2013) ]

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